Where does the money raised from TAT events go?

Tigers Against Trafficking events are made possible by the generous donations of corporate sponsors who are passionate about investing in young people and want to address the issue of Human Trafficking. This means that TAT is able to donate 100% of the funds generated by ticket and registration sales directly to victims of Human Trafficking. We have chosen to do this by financially partnering with The A21 Campaign.

What is "The A21 Campaign":

The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organization with a project center and shelter for trafficked victims in Greece. The UN lists Greece as one of the highest-ranking destination countries for trafficked victims. Most trafficked victims in Greece originate from Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and Albania with increasing numbers from Nigeria and Northern Africa. In December of 2007, police dismantled a major trafficking network by arresting 30 people in Greece after tracking the group's activities for nearly a year.

The A21 Campaign seeks to abolish injustice in the 21st Century (hence it’s name). Their goal is three-fold:
- Rehabilitate survivors
- Raise awareness
- Address legislation

In the battle against trafficking in Greece, The A21 Campaign is partnering with government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations to meet the greatest needs. Their current objectives are as follows:

1. Offer a temporary shelter for victims of trafficking to provide the best medical, psychological and legal services available to ensure safety, restoration and justice for survivors. In conjunction with this, they also offer repatriation services.
2. Develop a nationwide awareness campaign that will address the reality of human trafficking, as well as the demand in Greece.
3. Work to support legislation that will ensure traffickers are identified, prosecuted and serve out their sentences, as well ensure witnesses are provided with adequate protection and assistance throughout the investigation.